Webp image converting issue - Fixing "webp is not supported on your server" issue

Recently after clearing cache, the webp image files get cleared out and then are not able to re-generate. On the front end, it just looks like the image is missing.

In the Backend, go to Themes -> Image sizes -> Select one of the image settings

If under Expert settings -> Convert image formats - you see "webp is not supported on your server", you will have to add a specific line to the file 'config/config.yml'. Navigate to 'public_html/config' and edit the file 'config.yml'. If the file doesn't exist, create it. Add the following line to the file.

        imagine_service: 'contao.image.imagine.gd'

Rebuild Production Cache

Once you have added the previous code to the 'config.yml' file, on the Contao Manager under the Maintenance section click the 'Rebuild Production Cache' button. Once it is finished you are finished and the site will start converting images to webp files.

Isotope Images are huge issue...

Sometimes the images imported or used in isotope can be Gigantic and make the list page hard to use. A quick solution to that is adding a couple lines of CSS to the contao backend files to make a max height/width for those.

log into the cpanel -> file manager

navigate to "/public_html/vendor/isotope/isotope-core/system/modules/isotope/assets/css/"

Then edit "backend.css"

Put the following code at the bottom of the file:

.tl_listing .col_images a img{
	max-height: 50px;
    max-width: 200px;

Save, and you're done. The change automatically shows up.