Linking a GoDaddy Domain to Contao

If you have a domain on Godaddy and would like it to be linked with a Contao site, follow the steps below. These directions are specifically for an existing Contao site which was being split into multiple sites under the same installation. Although these directions are based on that specific case, they should work for new installations as well.

Update Domain's Nameservers

Log into GoDaddy and select the domain. Update the nameservers to those of the specific Server. In this instance the server was June.

Update Site's Contao Settings

Next, in the Contao backend update the site's top level Settings under Site Structure.

Set the "Domain name" under "DNS settings" to the new domain name.

Park The Domain

Finally, on the specific server you will need to Park the domain. Park the new domain address to the account the Contao installation is on.