Strathmore Pass The Journal Project

Strathmore Pass The Journal Project

Website Design and Development

Strathmore Pass the Journal Project

Strathmore Artist Papers is the leading manufacturer of high-quality artist papers in the world. Strathmore's commitment to artists and their love for art helped them come up with the Pass the Journal Project Concept, a collaborative art project in which artists from around the world fill the pages of 12 art journals, passing them on to keep the cycle going. Strathmore's team was great to work with and the project has been a wonderful success.

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Website Design and Development

Bright Cloud Studio worked with closely with Strathmore to plan, design and build a website that allows project participants to upload their artwork and have it tracked on an interactive map. Visitors to the site can view the maps and click on pointers to reveal an artist artwork and bio. If the artist chooses their bios can contain links to their own website and social media pages.

The goal for designing the Pass The Journal Project website was to keep the design extremely simple. The home page reveals the 12 most recent submissions, one for each journal, and sends visitors to a journal's map so that can track its progress.

Another contributor to the project was Intelligent Spark, who worked with Bright Cloud Studio to custom build the Angular JS functionality of the site. Angular JS is a structural framework for building dynamic web applications. Building with Angular allowed the site to not only load more quickly, loading only images as they are called to appear, but also provided the app-like functionality within the interactive maps.

Mobile Compatibility

Every website we build at Bright Cloud Studio is mobile compatible (responsive) and Pass the Journal was no exception. We meticulously design and build all our sites to look amazing on any device.


Email and Other Marketing

Bright Cloud Studio assisted Strathmore in the announcement of the project, creating a pre-launch signup form so visitors could be notified when the site went live, as well as a notification email after it was launched. We also designed and implemented callouts and banners for the Strathmore website to help announce the project to its visitors.

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