Strathmore Artist Papers

Strathmore® Artist Papers

Website Design and Development, Email Marketing  |  photo by Shawn Roberts  |  featured artist Joel Daniel Phillips

Artists are the Heroes
Aside from displaying Strathmore's superb quality products and matching their updated brand one of the biggest goals of the new website was to place artists in the forefront. After all, artists are the lifeblood of Strathmore and creating the best quality papers for artists is what keeps them up at night. The website features different artists or their work on nearly every page of the site.

"We couldn't be happier with our relationship with Bright Cloud Studio. They are professional, quick to respond, easy to work with, and always keep us up to date on current web trends. They’ve turned our website into its own beautiful work of art worthy of representing the high quality, well-respected products our company is known for."

- Sara Prentice, Strathmore® Artist Papers

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Strathmore's site features their entire catalog of products from their 100 Series for Youth and Beginners to their 500 Series for professional artists. Bright Cloud Studio designed product landing pages for each category as well as individual product pages. The site features large inspiring images, easy to read product information and of course artists and their artwork.

Product Finder

Robust, Lightning Fast Product Search

Another goal for the site was to improve the product search experience for users. Bright Cloud Studio separated the product search from the overall site search and built an advanced product search using Angular JS and Elasticsearch technologies. Users can search by Medium, Format and Experience level as well as related keywords, product names and more with instant results.


A Better, Simpler, Store Locator

Bright Cloud Studio used the same Angular and Elasticseach technologies to improve Strathmore's store locator from the ground up. The new locator automatically uses the visitors location and starts pulling the first 50 stores in order of which one is closest. Users can view a map and get directions to their select store. See it in action!

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