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Stanley Park

Website Design and Development

A Community Park with a Rich History
Stanley Park is a private non-profit organization pleased to offer numerous educational, cultural and entertainment programs, free to the public. Stanley Park provides boundless access to both passive and active recreational opportunities. Its rich history, beauty and offerings has made the park an important destination and asset to the city of Westfield, it's surrounding communities and Western Massachusetts.

Bright Cloud Studio worked closely with Stanley Park to design and build a beautiful website based on their needs and marketing goals. The website incorporates stunning imagery of the park, information about its history, upcoming events, booking events and a section dedicated to supporting the park.

More Than Just Mobile Compatible

We never just make a website mobile compatible(responsive). We focused heavily on mobile design and functionality, considering the needs of mobile visitors and how they would use the site on smaller devices.

Stanley Park Donation Page

Partners in Preservation

Something Stanley Park was missing was a dedicated landing page for park membership and donations as well as a focus on why donations are needed and what they support. Bright Cloud Studio worked with Stanley Park to build an impactful and purposeful Support page that has helped increase donations.

Stanley Park History Landing Page

History of Frank Stanley Beveridge and Stanley Park

Stanley Park is not only a community park but also place of historical preservation. It was import to us that we show the parks history in a simple and interesting way so we designed a mobile compatible timeline as well as an area on the page with historical information and photography.

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