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Website Design and Development

Taking Ideas to New Heights

Bright Cloud Studio worked with Riverside 3D to design and build a custom website that shows off what can be done with their heavyweight construction paper. Riverside 3D Construction Paper is perfect for building 3D models and other projects because it is 75% heavier and five times stronger than lightweight construction paper.

We worked closely with Riverside 3D to design and build an entire town out of construction paper and assemble it within the website. The town looked great but we took it a step further to hammer home the idea of 3D. We isolated each piece of the town and reassembled it in code to created a 3D effect that is activated by both mouse movements and a device's gyroscopes so that as you tilt your phone or tablet the town slightly moves and creates depth.

The website also features all of Riverside 3D's products, an interactive "where to buy" section and a fun project gallery with images and step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects.

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Cities and Town

The town concept was originally going to be a city and went through a few iterations before it was evident that a town would not only have more character but would also be more friendly. Riverside's team built the town and photographed it on site and sent everything to us. From there we cut out each piece digitally and reconfigured/assembled the town to work best in the space on the site.

Prelim for Riverside 3D Design
Preliminary Design Concept One
Concept 2 for Riverside 3D Design
Preliminary Design Concept Step Two

Final Hero Area Animated by Mouse Movement

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