Website Design and Development for NAMTA Art Advocacy

NAMTA Art Advocacy

Website Design and Development

Art Matters

NAMTA's (International Art Materials Association) Art Advocacy website was created to help its members find the resources and tools they need to address a wide range of Art Advocacy issues. NAMTA has partnered with a variety of not-for-profit associations that share their objectives and have devoted significant resources to collect, collate and package Art Advocacy information.

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Website Design and Development

Bright Cloud Studio worked with NAMTA to provide a beautiful website design representing art, culture and their brand. The site features various news sections, social media, resources and online donation capabilities. The site is built within a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows NAMTA to make their own website updates and add news articles through an easy to use front-end and back-end interface.


Mobile Compatibility

Bright Cloud Studio also created the website to be responsive, meaning that the layout automatically customizes itself based on the device it is viewed on. If viewed on a large screen desktop, tablet or phone it will always look its best.

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