My Check Engine Light

My Check Engine Light

Branding, Website Design and Development, Monetization

Solve Your Automotive Repair Issues and Save Yourself Money
My Check Engine Light is more than just an auto repair site. Members get first hand access to expert automotive technicians through Skype and a custom built Support Stream forum to help answer automotive repair questions and diagnose issues. With Skype calls members can have a technician with them as they work through repairs. Founder Sam Dillinger is an experienced technician with a love for all things cars and a desire to make auto repair accessible to everyone.

Bright Cloud Studio designed and built My Check Engine Light and worked with Sam on strategies for monetization. The website features free access to videos, a custom built engine code lookup and a blog where Sam writes about common automotive issues, technology and the automotive industry. Members get access to a members only blog videos, discounts, monthly credits and more. 

Bright Cloud Studio also built a custom payment gateway for members to purchase monthly subscriptions and as well as credits to use on the site.

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