Website Design and Development for Dakin Humane Society

Dakin Humane Society

Website Design and Development

Website design and development for Dakin Humane Society

Improving the Lives of Animals in Need and the People Who Care for Them

Dakin Humane Society is a community supported animal welfare organization that provides shelter, medical care, spay/neuter services, and behavioral rehabilitation for more than 20,000 animals each year. Bright Cloud Studio built Dakin's new website with a clean, well-ordered design that is easy to navigate and showcases the animals and Dakin's commitment to them. The website also features a custom built search filter that allows visitors to easily browse Dakin's database of adoptable animals.

"When Dakin Humane Society was planning a complete makeover of our website, we selected Bright Cloud Studio to create a more streamlined and engaging site, which they did. Bob Burch and his team are talented, innovative and accessible…they are always ready to explain a particular process or offer guidance when new projects tied to our website are launched. Our partnership with Bright Cloud Studio is invaluable."

Lee Chambers -
Marketing & Communications Manager Dakin Humane Society

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Major Goals of the Rebuild:

  • Mobile Compatibility (Responsive Design)
  • Simple Layout and Navigation
  • Improved Search for Adoptable Animals
  • New Donation Section
  • Easy Website Management

Simple Navigation and Design

Bright Cloud Studio worked with Dakin to re-structure the site's navigation. With half the pages of the old site as well as more concise content, visitors can quickly find the information they need whether that's animals available for adoption, volunteer opportunities or upcoming events.

In the new site, the animals are the stars of the show. It was important that the design stay out of the way of Dakin's great photos and content.

Adoptable Animals Search Filter

Dakin's previous pet search required a separate page for each species of animal and was not mobile compatible or readable by search engines. The design was also dictated by third party software.

Bright Cloud Studio partnered with Intelligent Spark to rethink and rebuild Dakin's pet search. We built an extremely fast custom search filter in Angular JS. allowing visitors to filter animals by type, gender and location all on one page. The filter connects directly to Dakin's third party database software so they can continue to update and add new pets like they always have. All the pets in the search have pages readable by search engines and can be shared via social media. The Adopt a Pet search and individual pet pages are now completely responsive so they function and look great on any device. See the search filter >

Custom Dakin Pet Search Filter
Dakin Humane Society Donate Page

Donation Section

Dakin's donation section was designed to highlight their three most utilized donation choices. Special emphasis was placed on making a sustaining monthly gift. The page shows how donations are used as well as contact information for questions. Dakin can also change the layout when they have special promotions. Make a donation >

Easy Website Management

Dakin's website is built within a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows them to add/edit content and pages all through an easy to use front-end interface. The front end interface lets them go to the page and make changes without having to find where to make updates in the backend. This makes editing the website fast and easy. In fact, during the build of the website Dakin added most of the site's content themselves.


Mobile Compatibility (Responsive Design)

Dakin's new website is completely mobile compatible using the latest responsive design technologies. The layout of the site is automatically customized to look its best whether viewed on a large screen desktop or smartphone.

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