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Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company

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Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company

Partners in Science for Over 65 Years
Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company (CVB) has been supplying biological and science supplies to schools, colleges, universities and labs for over 65 years. They have an extensive inventory of products and grow/prepare many of their specimens and living organisms in-house. They are biological science supply experts who understand their customers and require specific online shopping features. Bright Cloud Studio designed and built a completely customized e-commerce website that is easy to shop, search and order from.

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Major Goals of the Rebuild:

  • Mobile Compatibility (Responsive Design)
  • Better shopping experience
  • More contemporary layout and design
  • Better website management: content, customers and products

Mobile Compatibility and Design

CVB’s new website is completely mobile compatible using the latest responsive design technologies. The CVB website automatically customizes itself based on the size of the screen it is viewed on so if viewed on a large screen desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone, the website not only always looks it’s best, but takes into account how it will be used on different devises.

Better Shopping Experience

Better Search

The search also appears on every page of the site in the header and the footer, as well in the main column of the home page, so users can find the search field easily

Shopping Cart

Bright Cloud Studio completely re-imaged CVB’s shopping cart to be more accessible and simplified. Some of the biggest issues of shopping carts today is that they take up space on the page when implemented on sites that show the cart all the time and constantly remind shoppers of how much they are spending, causing them to spend less. Some sites force shoppers to go to a separate web page to view their shopping carts, which interrupts shopping.

Our solution was to have a simple View Cart button that when pressed overlays the user’s cart over whatever page they are on. When done looking at it, they just click Close and the cart closes. By having the cart function this way, shoppers don’t have to be distracted by their carts or interrupted by leaving the pages they are shopping on. It’s also fun!

Bright Cloud Studio also wanted removed as many distractions as possible during the checkout process so we left column navigation making it easier for the shopper to focus on the task at hand.

Website Management

CVB has complete control of their website. They can add/edit products and pages, create their own coupons, sales and special deals. They can create special pricing and tax exemption for specific members and completely manage member account information all through an easy to use backend interface. 

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