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About CheckWriters Payroll
CheckWriters Payroll is a payroll and HR administration company that prides themselves on first class customer care and state of the art software and management tools for their clients. They design and develop their HRCheck software in-house so that they can be flexible and adapt to clients' needs using the latest technologies.

Prioritizing Goals

The previous CheckWriters website had served them well but over time as their services and identity evolved and became more specific the website became less focused. To build the new website Bright Cloud Studio worked with CheckWriters to prioritize their new goals and streamline the website based on them.

1. HRCheck Demo Requests

One of the most important goal was to encourage potential clients to sign up for a software demo. Virtually every aspect of the home page supports this goal, from the obvious demo form and background video of people using the software, to slide out video when the watch button is clicked and the video testimonials from CheckWriters clients. Even the blog post on the home page helps reassure that CheckWriters are experts in their industry and that you really should check out their software and learn more about how they can help your business.

2. HRCheck Features

Another goal for the new site was to simply how people learn about HRCheck's features. Bright Cloud Studio built a simple tour that leads visitors through the different selling points of their software. Its also easy to click on the features your interested in without going through the whole tour.

The website also features two professional high quality testimonial videos shot and edited by Andrew Joyce. Andrew also shot the great background videos that Bright Cloud Studio designed into the site which are viewable in modern web browsers.

3. Simple Modern Design Based on Overall Goals

Aside from streamlining their brand on the site. The design of the new website was rightfully custom crafted based on the goals above and others along side the goal of making things simple, easy and obvious. The design needed to make CheckWriters look like the advanced company that they are, but still feel friendly, accessible and to the point. Every word, image, icon and video was placed on the site with considered purpose.

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