Charlie Epstein

Charlie Epstein

Website Design and Development

On a Mission to Kill Retirement!
We've been blessed to have known Charlie Epstein as a client and a friend for a number years. Charlie understands growing money, but even more so he understands money as a tool to help his clients reach their goals. Charlie has been featured on all the major television networks, has authored multiple books about saving and wisely managing money, and has been named as one of top 100 most influential people in the retirement industry. He has boundless energy while at the same time gives practical, easy to understand advise.

Bright Cloud Studio worked with Charlie to build him a website that fits his large yet practical personality. The site features a number of videos and his podcast, Killing Retirement, which we designed the logo and graphics for, and set up the podcast feed in iTunes where you can subscribe.

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Killing Retirement Podcast

Bright Cloud Studio worked with Charlie and Message to Media to create the Killing Retirement podcast. We designed and built the logo and graphics for the podcast as well as handled the technical site of getting the podcast on SoundCloud and submitted and approved in iTunes.

The podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs, experts in longevity, health, wellness, life design strategy, happiness, and work -life balance. Charlie explores how to live our lives from a place of financial abundance, engagement and joy.

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