Baystate Health Annual Report

Baystate Health Annual Report

Website Design and Development

Caring People Make the Numbers
Baystate Health, based in Western Massachusetts, is a not-for-profit, multi-institutional, integrated health care organization serving more than 800,000 people. Baystate Health has a workforce of roughly 12,000 employees making them the largest private employer in the region.

Bright Cloud Studio worked closely with Baystate Health to design and develop their 2017 Annual Report website. The website not only shows the amazing work they do and impact they have in Western Massachusetts, but also that Baystate Health is made of real people with common goals of caring for individuals and the community.


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"Bright Cloud Studio was a wonderful partner to us in designing and developing our 2017 Baystate Health Annual Report. Bob Burch responded quickly and was flexible when we raised diverse needs or suggestions. When he thought there was a better way, he presented it clearly so we could make informed decisions. Updates and edits were done quickly without error. Bright Cloud uses Contao, a content management system which we didn’t have experience using before but we found it very easy to use."

- Susan Burton, Director, Communications, and Patricia Gagnon, Senior Communications Specialist, both of Baystate Health.

Design Goals

  1. The first goal in our minds was to make people the priority. People are what create the numbers and the positive impact that Baystate Health has. Bright Cloud Studio designed the site around large images and video of people allowing them to take center stage.
  2. The website needed to look like Baystate Health. It had to match the brand and be forward thinking, but also stand alone as its own website. We used Baystate’s colors  and branding to create a custom layout tailored specifically to the content of the site.
  3. The site needed to keep things simple and clean, highlight the content but not overpower it. We did this by using gradients and subtle animations to aid in the navigation.

Leadership Profiles

The leadership section of the annual report was a fun part of the project. Bright Cloud Studio built a custom, database driven leadership module for entering Baystate’s leadership into the site. The leadership tool allows Baystate to add images and profile information, categorize profiles and custom sort them. The tool is database driven so Bright Could Studio was able to import a spreadsheet of the profiles to save time.
For the visitor, the leadership section allows them to quickly filter profiles by category. When a profile is selected it flips over with a simple animation to reveal the details of each leader.

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Style Guide

To help Baystate Health while they entered content Bright Cloud Studio developed a style guide for the site that included color information, font sizes, and image dimensions for different pages. The guide was published within the site so that the Baystate Health team had easy access to the guide.

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