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Website Design and Development

Comprehensive Tool for Software Upgrades
Array Software provides hospitals and health care systems with easy to use productivity tools that increase performance, efficiency, and quality. Array products are used in over 300 health care facilities in the US, Canada, Great Britain and South Africa.

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Array's website was designed and built to introduce the company and highlight its products. The website draws special attention to their flagship product, StreamTask+, which manages medical software updates, tasks, service requests and more. The website also features a customer login section where Array's clients access information and documents about the software they have purchased.

The website is developed within a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that allows Array to make their own updates through an easy-to-use text editor. The website also incorporates a responsive framework that automatically adjusts the layout to the screen it is presented on, eliminating the need for a separate mobile website. Whether viewed on a desktop, smart phone or a tablet, the website will always look its best.

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