4 Reasons Why You Need A Responsive Website

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A responsive website is necessary in this day and age, where most people surf the internet on smart phones and tablets. Desktop computers and laptops are being used much less than in previous years.

There are numerous types of devices on the market today that are used for online browsing. A responsive website will automatically adjust to the size and format of whatever device is being used. Websites need to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate on all devices to provide visitors information about your company.

If a site is not responsive, users have to pan the text back and forth to read it and the overall layout may be compromised as well. This is frustrating to most people and they will most likely leave the site and find one that is easier to navigate.

Let's take a deeper look at the benefits of a responsive website:


1. Increase In Mobile Usage

The increase in mobile use proves that implementing a responsive site is imperative to stay current in the digital world. Below are some important statistics reported in this study:

60% of internet users access the web through the use of a mobile device
90% of American adults are cell phone owners and 58% of those adults own a smart phone
42% of adult Americans own some sort of tablet computer
32% of American adults own an e-reader device

2. Decrease In Bounce Rates

Ease of use is extremely important to keep visitors on your website. If viewers have to pinch and scroll to see the content, chances are they will lose interest and take their business to a site that is optimized with a responsive theme.

By offering a user-friendly site, your users will be able to easily share your information with others, which in turn will keep them on your page longer, which decreases your bounce rate and give you more exposure as well.

3. Boost Google Ranking

Google prefers websites that have a responsive design. It makes it easier to index them with one URL, which will make your website easier to find when doing a search. Since bounce rates are decreased, your Google ranking will boost, bringing your site closer to the top of the search results.

Another way you can boost your Google rank is by link building. With a responsive site, you can grow your traffic with links from one URL, instead of splitting them up between a static and mobile website.

4. Saves Money And Time

Gone are the days of designing an extra website for mobile use. Thankfully they didn't last long. One site can and should work on all devices across the board, making it so updates can all happen in one place.


It's hard to believe there are still websites out there that are not responsive. If you're one the holdouts it's time move to something new. An outdated website can hurt your business not just in search but in your overall impression to your customers and clients. A responsive website is not only cost effective but also has the potential to increase visits and profits.

If you have not updated to a responsive design on your site, you are missing out on the many benefits of doing so.

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